Which is the best big uranium stock to buy in 2024?

Which are the best big uranium stocks to buy in 2024? This is what this article is all about. Let’s dive in to the topic ladies and gentlemen. Uranium stocks have been gaining traction as investors seek opportunities in the ever-evolving energy sector. With the global focus shifting towards cleaner energy sources and the increasing demand for nuclear power, uranium stocks present an intriguing investment opportunity. In this article, we’ll delve into the realm of uranium stocks, highlighting 12 of the best big uranium stocks for 2024.

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Introduction to Uranium Stocks

Uranium stocks represent companies involved in the exploration, mining, production, and distribution of uranium, a crucial element used primarily as fuel in nuclear power plants. As the world transitions towards more sustainable energy solutions, the demand for uranium is expected to rise, making uranium stocks an attractive investment option for those looking to capitalize on the growing nuclear energy sector.

best big uranium stocks

The 12 Best Big Uranium Stocks in comparison

To add some more value, I added my Tradingview charts with the indicators I love for each company. Let’s start …

12. Uranium Royalty Corp

uranium royalty corp chart

The chart and technicals look really nice. H&S pattern + recent breakout and retest.

This company provides investors with exposure to uranium through royalty interests in uranium mining projects worldwide. With a diversified portfolio of royalties, Uranium Royalty Corp offers investors a unique way to invest in the uranium sector.

11. Energy Fuels

energy fuels chart

Solid breakout above late 2021 top and a retest in 2024.

As a leading U.S. producer of uranium, Energy Fuels is well-positioned to benefit from the increasing demand for nuclear energy. The company operates in-situ recovery (ISR) facilities and conventional uranium mills, contributing to its status as a prominent player in the uranium market.

10. Centrus Energy Corp

centrus energy corp chart

Breakouts everywhere. Centrus energy is a potential runner.

Centrus Energy Corp is involved in the enrichment of uranium for nuclear fuel production. With a focus on providing reliable fuel supply solutions for nuclear power plants, Centrus plays a critical role in supporting the nuclear energy industry.

9. NuScale Power Corporation

Nuscale power corporation chart

Not too great. I wouldn’t look any further into this, due to technical failure.

NuScale Power Corporation is a pioneer in small modular reactor (SMR) technology, offering innovative nuclear power solutions. With its scalable and versatile reactor designs, NuScale aims to revolutionize the nuclear energy landscape, presenting significant growth potential for investors.

8. Ur-Energy Inc.

Ur-Energy Inc. Chart

Almost broke out to all time highs in January 2024. Looks like continuation of the move is coming soon.

Ur-Energy Inc. is engaged in uranium mining and production in the United States. With a focus on low-cost production and operational efficiency, Ur-Energy is well-equipped to capitalize on the increasing demand for uranium in the global market.

7. Denison Mines Corp.

Denison Mines Corp. Chart

Same picture. Let’s see if the move can continue and reach

Denison Mines Corp. is a Canadian uranium exploration and development company with active projects in Canada’s Athabasca Basin. With a strategic focus on high-grade uranium deposits, Denison Mines aims to deliver long-term value to its shareholders.

6. Uranium Energy Corp.

Uranium Energy Corp Chart

I love this chart. Great breakout and great momentum and steam behind it.

Uranium Energy Corp. is involved in the exploration, development, and production of uranium properties in the United States. With a portfolio of projects in various stages of development, Uranium Energy Corp. offers investors exposure to the promising U.S. uranium market.

5. Sibanye Stillwater Limited

Sibanye Stillwater Chart

Not a good chart. Sibanye Stillwater is not a pure uranium mining company. Therefore it couldn’t capture the recent moves in uranium very well.

Sibanye Stillwater Limited is a leading diversified mining company with uranium assets in its portfolio. With a strong track record of operational excellence and strategic acquisitions, Sibanye Stillwater is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for uranium.

4. NexGen Energy Ltd.

Nexgen Energy ltd. Chart

This chart is bull. Let’s hope for continuation.

NexGen Energy Ltd. is a Canadian uranium exploration and development company focused on its flagship Arrow Deposit in the Athabasca Basin. With one of the largest undeveloped uranium resources globally, NexGen Energy offers investors significant growth potential.

3. BHP Group Limited

BHP group limited chart

I love BHP due to huge dividend payouts. Chart looks bullish aswell. Great future ahead for my retirement account.

BHP Group Limited is a global mining company with interests in uranium production. With diversified operations across various commodities, BHP Group provides investors with exposure to uranium alongside other key resources.

2. Cameco Corporation

cameco corporation chart

Cameco is by far the biggest uranium producer and miner. Breakouts of downtrend have sent Cameco ona journey maybe beyond the moon…

As one of the world’s largest publicly traded uranium producers, Cameco Corporation plays a pivotal role in the global uranium market. With extensive mining operations and a strong market presence, Cameco offers investors stability and growth potential.

1. Sprott Physical Uranium Trust

Sprott physical uranium trust chart

What no one was expecting. Physical uranium outperforming most mining companies. An easy double. At least in hindsight.

Sprott Physical Uranium Trust provides investors with direct exposure to physical uranium. As a closed-end investment trust, Sprott Physical Uranium Trust holds uranium bullion and offers a convenient way for investors to gain exposure to uranium prices.

Which one is the best?

After thorough analysis and consideration, one uranium stock stands out as the top pick for investors in 2024: Cameco Corporation. With its established position as a global leader in uranium production, diverse portfolio of assets, and strong market presence, Cameco Corporation offers investors stability, growth potential, and exposure to the promising uranium market.

As the demand for nuclear energy continues to rise and the transition towards cleaner energy sources accelerates, Cameco Corporation is well-positioned to benefit from these trends, making it the top choice for investors seeking opportunities in the uranium sector in 2024.

In conclusion, while each of the 12 uranium stocks mentioned presents unique investment opportunities, Cameco Corporation emerges as the best big uranium stock for 2024, offering investors the potential for long-term growth and value creation in the dynamic energy market landscape.

Happy investing!

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